How to get a mortgage rate boost with a shellpoint mortgage

When you’re trying to make a mortgage loan, you may have heard about the term “shellpoint”.In a nutshell, shellpoint means you are being paid the lower of the interest rate you would have been paid if you were in the same home.Shellpoint mortgages are not available to most borrowers who are under 35, but they are being offered by a […]

Which are the mortgage rates?

The latest numbers on mortgage rates are out.A few days ago, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report that estimated that the average annual mortgage rate was 4.8% in May and 6.3% in August.The bureau also released a chart that showed the average monthly payment was $1,890 for a 35-year-old and $1.3,000 for a 45-year old.Now that the numbers […]

Why are you paying off your mortgage?

With the housing market still in a state of flux, it’s not surprising that people are struggling to make ends meet.But a new survey from Wells Fargo suggests that while a mortgage loan may be on your horizon, you may not be paying off the loan as quickly as you might have expected.While most people with a mortgage are still […]

Why is interest rates so low?

Why are interest rates on conventional mortgage rates so far down?What are the factors that have contributed to this trend?And why does this interest rate decline seem to be slowing down?We are looking at the short-term and the long-term trends that are causing the interest rates to decline.What are the key reasons why interest rates are falling?The most obvious reason […]

How to Avoid Shellpoint Mortgage (Again)

When you’re paying a mortgage, you’re generally paying a monthly fee that you’re expected to pay down.This fee usually includes interest and a monthly payment to cover the interest.When you buy a house, your monthly payment is less, and usually depends on your home’s market value.But if you’re going to be paying your mortgage for years to come, and your […]

Which refinance mortgage calculator is best?

N.J. regulators have rejected a proposal by banks to change their mortgage lending standards and provide better rates to borrowers in a bid to keep rates low.The state’s top financial regulator said the new rules, which would have capped mortgage borrowing at $1 million and allowed borrowers to refinance at lower rates, would create more confusion for borrowers.In a letter […]

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