CA Mortgage, State Bank to merge in 2018

CA Mortgage and State Bank are to merge, with the merged entity acquiring mortgage lenders that have been at the forefront of California’s mortgage market.The deal, to be announced Thursday, would allow the California Bankers Association to have a stake in the new entity, the agency’s chief executive officer said Thursday.The bank also would be able to buy and sell […]

Sierra Pacific mortgage calculator with free mortgage calculator – 2018

We’ve got the latest information on how much you can save in a home loan, plus how to apply for the lowest monthly payment, and we’ve also put together a mortgage calculator that gives you an overview of the options.If you’re looking to buy a home, or are thinking about it, check out the latest news on the housing market.

When you can save your home, the rest is easy!

By Emily LeibovichWASHINGTON (AP) You can save money with one mortgage and a high-quality loan at the same time.The mortgage rates at these two lenders are just a few dollars more expensive than they were when the companies were first offering them.And it’s only going to get more affordable as more and more people borrow from these companies, which are […]

When to buy a home in the US: Here’s how to calculate your mortgage rate

The average US homeowner is taking out an average of $1,700 a month in mortgage protection insurance for their home, according to a report from is a $3,000 premium over the average mortgage rate of 3.75%, which is about what most people would pay in a year’s time.But if you are a real estate investor, or you just want […]

How to get the best mortgage rates from the mortgage calculator

You can get a mortgage from the online mortgage calculator at can also call 1-800-822-2267 for more information.Read or Share this story:

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