Google launches Rocket Mortgage fieldhouse to provide access to mortgage rates

Google launched the first ever Google Mortgage field house on Wednesday to provide people with access to the mortgage rates for the rocket mortgage market.The rocket mortgage is a mortgage in which borrowers take on debt to buy a home.According to Google, the rate is a “one-time deposit” and is free of interest charges.“We’re making it easier for people to […]

Why mortgage interest rates have risen in the UK since June

Money is flowing into the UK from overseas, and mortgage interest is rising.In a bid to prevent the UK economy from sliding into recession, the Bank of England has set interest rates at the same level as they were in March and May.The Bank’s governor Mark Carney announced the rate rise in the financial press last week, but analysts say […]

Mortgage brokers: We’re selling our homes, but only for a few million dollars…

A mortgage broker in Chicago has told CNBC the company has sold just over 4 million homes since it started offering mortgage-backed securities last year.That’s a decrease of nearly 1.5 million homes.The company’s president, Robert Loomis, told CNBC he expects the number of homes sold to rise as more investors come to the market.“The overall number of mortgages sold in […]

Which mortgage loan program is best for you?

A new study shows that some mortgage loan programs may not be the best for homeowners.The study found that the average rate of interest on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rose about 25% during the boom, from 2.25% to 4.20%.The study by the nonprofit National Association of Realtors (NAR) also found that rates for subprime mortgages rose as much as 40%.But […]

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